Best cross-platform flashcard app?

Nathan Lively
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I've seen several cool looking flashcard app come through PH in the last months. Do any of them beat Anki? I teach workshops to sound engineers and I want to create flashcards for my students. I'd like to find a solid app that can be accessed on desktop, iOS, and Android (or just a web-app I suppose) that incorporates spaced repetition.


Bon Just
Hi there, Flashcards are an incredibly versatile study tool and one of the best ways to remember new information. Inspite of that, A flashcard app that integrates with your study materials. We tried to present you some of the Best Flashcard Apps 2021 for Android & iPhone devices. These apps allow you to memorize everything and make you learn in smarter way. 1. Quizlet 2. AnkiDroid Flashcards 3. Cram 4. GRE Flashcard 5. Flashcards+ 6. Brainscape 7. Flashcard Maker 8. Simple Flashcard 9. English Vocabulary 10. Flashcards App
Hey everyone! 🌟 Cross-platform design is a topic that I'm genuinely passionate about, so I'm excited to join this dialogue on finding the nice cross-platform flashcard app! 📚💡 "Cross Platform Design: Solutions for Enhanced UI in App Design" sounds like a fantastic topic to explore, and I'm eager to share my emotions and knowledge on the subject. As a forum user, I believe that having a seamless user experience across different devices and operating systems is crucial for any app, especially when it comes to educational tools like flashcard apps. Regarding your question about the best cross-platform flashcard app, I've also come across some cool options recently on Product Hunt. While Anki has been a go-to for many, it's worth exploring newer contenders that may offer enhanced features and improved user interfaces. Some apps I've found worth considering are Quizlet, Tinycards, and Brainscape. These apps provide cross-platform accessibility, including desktop, iOS, and Android support or web-app functionality, and incorporate spaced repetition techniques for effective learning.