Best cross-platform flashcard app?

Nathan Lively
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I've seen several cool looking flashcard app come through PH in the last months. Do any of them beat Anki? I teach workshops to sound engineers and I want to create flashcards for my students. I'd like to find a solid app that can be accessed on desktop, iOS, and Android (or just a web-app I suppose) that incorporates spaced repetition.


Hi there, Flashcards are an incredibly versatile study tool and one of the best ways to remember new information. Inspite of that, A flashcard app that integrates with your study materials. We tried to present you some of the Best Flashcard Apps 2021 for Android & iPhone devices. These apps allow you to memorize everything and make you learn in smarter way. 1. Quizlet 2. AnkiDroid Flashcards 3. Cram 4. GRE Flashcard 5. Flashcards+ 6. Brainscape 7. Flashcard Maker 8. Simple Flashcard 9. English Vocabulary 10. Flashcards App