being sedentary and feeling isolated during lockdown

Eric Fishbin
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I'm wondering how the pandemic and lockdown has affected you all... Have you been more reflective? Felt more nostalgic? Have you made any self-promises or promises to others to do something in the near future (when things like travel and entertainment return on a wide scale)? Is there anything you've found to be particularly comforting or helpful in maintaining a strong mindset during the past year?


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Feels weird to everyone I guess. Personally I low key like it because I can work without feeling guilty about having to go out haha :) No but hopefully things will return back to somewhat normal soon. Would be nice to socialize with people as usual again
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I have been more reflective about the choices I made and the future. I think the pandemic as accentuated the good and bad.
Self motivation is critical to get up and walk and also to contact others. Be strong.
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I've been really feeling isolated since winter started. When the weather was nice I spent a lot more time outside and had a lot more conversations with my neighbors. I actually felt way more connected to my neighborhood and my own backyard and garden this summer than ever before. But now I barely leave the house. Can't wait until spring.
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@christine_renee the winter season can be tough. I'm looking forward to the spring, too!