Audio-first community managers

Anna Grigoryan
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Hello hunters. While Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are changing the community building landscape, I'd love to know if there are any managers of audio-first communities here? I'm looking to interview community managers to make my upcoming ebook for audio communities better and hit all the right points. Things I'm thinking to cover: - knowledge management in audio-communities, - promotion of audio communities, - tools for audio communities. Let me know if you're up for a chat.


This a really interesting question, I'm curious to see who'd be "audio only" in community management. If you don't get too many replies, maybe broaden to Text-based and audio only apps like Discord that provide both options? Curious to see your findings and dive into your ebook once published :)
Anna Grigoryan
@gabe__perez I actully have the ebook you can find it here: Discord is a great app for audio communities because it's familiar but also is providing the audio component seamlessly.
I would be interested in the ebook. Will you do a product launch for it?
Anna Grigoryan
@laurasm00460050 I will be doing a launch, but it's live now, it's available here:
Miriam Dorsett
I'm not an audio community manager, but I did participate in an audio only dating app experience during quarantine lol Also a huge fan of CH.
Leopold Spanovic
@mdorsett how did the audio only dating app worked? Asking since I am building one myself :D
Miriam Dorsett
@smukec nice! sign me up. lol ok I'll try to explain, happy to talk offline too. basically I signed up. Completed my profile by answering questions with audio clips. It was in depth questions. I got matched with one guy. It was very MVP experiment I participated in. I was sent his audio profile and got to listen to the responses to his answers to his questions. Then we would exchange audio messages.
Miriam Dorsett
@smukec oh yes, this was also was 100% anonymous. We were all assigned a letter of the alphabet. I think the founder planned on doing a podcast out of our messages that we sent. Which we had to consent to prior to using. I havent heard from her in awhile. So not sure what ended up happening but she eventually shut the experiment down and at that point offered to pass along my contact info to my match if I wanted.
Leopold Spanovic
@mdorsett thanks for sharing! I got some valuable insights. With my MVP, I want to focus primarily on real-time audio-only communication without any data storing. I am still figuring out how to do match-making. Batling with the idea that I won't leave it all to algorithms but give human trials some chance to make a good match. I am going to keep you updated, and when the beta is ready, I would be happy for you to test it :)
Miriam Dorsett
@smukec if I'm still single I will test! Also the podcast from my experience is launching soon apparently!
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I love this! I've been on Clubhouse for a while and racked up pretty good number of followers with the communities I have put together. Let me know if you need someone to talk to.
Abhilash Sankaramanchi
Hey Anna, wonderful discussion right here. Over the past one year I've been actively advocating for the Decentralized Finance space through our educational initiatives at Brew Money - a self-custodial DeFi wallet via Audio Community Building through Twitter Spaces. I'd love to contribute to your discussion.
I'd be interested in this discussion. One of the pain points in my community, as I strive to empower them to be creators, is the commitment to creating video content. Also I've been enjoying the audio-only community app "Shayk". Not sure if they're on you're list or not.
Any updates? We’re also in audio first area!