Asking for your opinion for a SaaS Dashboard MVP

Dimitri Marko
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Hello folks, A couple of friends and I are building a transactional email SaaS. It's purely transactional as a first step, we'll think of marketing features later on. One of our desired focus is to provide advanced data, predictive metrics etc... Our main achievements in the past months were: - Basic account creation, with plan choice and payment - Domain validation - API endpoint to allow sending from validated domain - Store and show data (sent, clicks, open, status) We are now debating a crucial point to move forward and plan our go to market and first sales efforts, and this is where we call for your advices and two cents. Is it better to: 1. Build a simple, basic UI, that is very functional, has a glimpse of advanced data and metrics, but maybe the view is as basic and simple as a CSV download; 2. Have basic data that are 100% necessary for transactional emails, and have a beautiful UI/UX along with it. As developers, marketers, potential users of a transactional email platform, which would you go to, and why? Thanks to all for your inputs, we'll keep on updating and will let you all know as soon as there's something visual on our side!
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