As a saas solution how do you handle sales seasonality of your prospects ?

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Activity peaks. More commonly known as "sales seasonality" in commerce in general have a major impact on strategic decisions of companies. Since the crisis of the covid and the BigBoom of the E-business, these "seasonalities" impact greatly the schedules of digital transformation and/or acquisitions. - How do you deal with this in your approach to companies that are heavily dependent on marketplaces or e-commerce platforms? - How do you evaluate the best times to approach them? - What tools do you use?


Benjamin Arne
As a "consultant" on web performance projects, I recommend the headless and best of breed approaches which allow to be very agile in digital transformation (developments) even at the edge of critical periods. Freezing periods are to be avoided if you want to win the race against the competition!
@benjamin_arne It is the ideal option that the target is headless and best of breed approaches. It allows us to free ourselves from these constraints.
Daniel Engels
One approach would be to address foreign markets, that might have different peak periods. But in general, you'd better embrace seasonality rather than fight it. Do you best to get your entire sales team in a good shape for the peak period. And use the low season for training and processes improvement.
@daniel_engels I completely agree with you on the fact that we have to accept seasonality and adapt to it. and yes I agree there are several parameters to consider: The geographical region, The sectors of activity, The brand-specific event, And what else according to you?
Marc-Henri Spiess
Go for a very auto-scale solution and architecture
Arnaud Christodoulou
Hard to say but the best metric is based on the last year period analysis to grow!
Edouard Marquet
It is necessary to compare the same periods of different years, there will always be periods of lower sales than others
Marc Grewenig
@fares_aktouf Perhaps we might be able to assist with as you can create branded digital deal rooms, which can be opened all over the year for your clients and as you can analyse all interactions and engagement you'll get some sort of better understanding when it's the right time to talk again and accelerate the deal.
@marcgrewenig1 Looks like a great tool! and that can solve a large part of the problem. Thanks I will take a closer look to emlen