Are you still keep tracking your habit in 2021?

Allen Wang
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What habit tracker apps will actually change your life? I mean does it work?


Nathan Guo
Tried several habit trackers before both iOS and watch OS; the issue is that I have to switch to them after I get some achievement every day. Record habit itself is a hard habit. Now I still use the platform itself to keep me aware of the actions, e.g. read streak count by Apple books, Duolingo Streak, Apple watch rings, plus other check-in/activity dashboards. Trying to think out loud some solutions: shortcut mechanism to automate tracking? Voice command? Or the track actively ask you whether you accomplish all task for the day?
Simon Blok
Just wondering... what is it that you need this kind of apps? Is this motivating, but in way way? See the rings closing, getting badges, making a streak.. Personally i think this actually works, but feels not right you kind of need this tricks..
Enehezeyi Fausat
It's not been easy..but , I'm holding up!
Kim Johnson
best habit tracking for me is a notebook and pen. have tried habit tracking apps but i'm never great at keeping up with them!
Emma Halaburka
@kim_j1 I'm the same. I take my Moleskine with me everywhere. Most of the things I track are not done on my phone or computer and those that are are done so within their siloed app. Having to mark off tasks in separate app feels like another task in itself.
Eva Steinman
@kim_j1 couldn't agree more! old school is the way to go
No habit tracking app will change your life. Only discipline will do that. To answer your question, I use my fitness tracking app to make sure I don't miss more than 2 days at the gym.