Are there any Shopify app makers around? I'd love to connect!

Sivan Baram
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Binal Savani IW
Hey Sivan! Yes, we are Shopify app makers. Must visit the Apps developed by iDentixweb on the Shopify App Store.
Binal Savani IW
@sivan_baram Cool! Will have look at it. Do you do any activities regarding partnership marketing?
Moshe Bar-oz
Also looking for a one like that:)
Pragnesh Patel
Hello Sivan Yes, We are Shopify App Developers. We're Listed Our Apps On Shopify App Store By Cirkle Studio. Our Apps :
Hi Sivan, I am a part of the team which created M2E Cloud solution - inventory management app for Shopify seller who sell on Amazonm eBay and Walmart. Open for any joint marketing activities
Vipra Dutta
Hello Sivan, Yes, there are many app makers that create apps for Shopify. You can find them through the Shopify App Store, or by searching online for "Shopify app development" or "Shopify app maker". Additionally, BiztechCS provide Shopify app development services. Must visit our website:-