Are "Linkedin Ads" worth it?

Elena Kuvshinova
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I'm curious to test Linkedin Ads and wondering if they are worth it. If you had an experience with lead generation or brand awareness increase, are there any tips? What topics are "selling"?


Piotr Pawłowski
In order to make the right decission first ask yourself: 1) Is your target audience there? 2) Do your clients have LinkedIn accounts? 3) Are the targetting options available at LinkedIn useful when it comes to targeting your specific audience?
Hussain Effendi
@piotr_pawlowski @vivek_dwivedi2 Don't ever think that you are not good at anything! nobody is born with skills and knowledge. We pick them up depending on how we choose to utilise our time. Start by trusting yourself and then dive into research. We learn and get better with every mistake that we make!
Elena Kuvshinova
@piotr_pawlowski True! We have a segment that is pretty active there. Looking for the right approach:)
Hussain Effendi
I just suggested @vivek_dwivedi2 to consider Linkedin Ads for his product reach. @vivek_dwivedi2 do keep an eye out on this discussion, you might find some good resources here as the discussion builds. Cheers!
Caroline Schneider
We had the same questions a few weeks ago which is why we decided to simply try it out. We had pretty high hopes as most of our target audience is using LinkedIn on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we were quite disappointed: our LinkedIn Ad did not bring the traffic we were hoping for. Consequently, it is pretty pricey for the clicks generated. Hope this helps :)
Elena Cirera
Linkedin is one of the most prominent social media platforms; although it is expensive to advertise on Linkedin, it has a higher CTR. It is worth advertising on LinkedIn, especially for B2B sales.
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
@elena_cirera I was actually wondering how LinkedIn ads work for B2B, thank you for sharing your experience. Because we are used to seeing ads everywhere all the time, I'm afraid that we became sort of blind to them and skip them without reading even the first line. What are your thoughts?