Apple "Unleashed" - Post event discussion

betty garcia
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What do we think about the newly announced new Apple Macbooks that seem to be mind blowing (both performance and price 🤑)? Love to hear from developer founders specifically here! Just for reference,


Dorothy smith
Features are great! Love the extra power, Xcode builds should be even faster! The price on the other hand is not that appealing to me. I'd still stick to the old M1 MacBook Air and probably stick it out for another few years
Emily Paul
As someone who still runs all my builds on a 2015 MacBook pro, I'm very excited about what Apple launched today and I can't wait for what they'll launch next year when I'll upgrade (don't worry, I'll still keep my 2015 MBP in its pristine condition) On another note, what do video editors think about the extra ports? 🤔
James Robert
@emilypaul11 I bet the people with cameras are going to go over the moon about the new SD card slot! Looking at you YouTubers 😉
James Robert
This one's for me :D My main language is Python and most of what I do is in ML. I never bothered running any of my models, how ever small they might be, on my MacBook Pro 15" with a Core i7 and 16GB memory and an excuse for a GPU. All my models run on linux machines on AWS or on GCP virtual servers with Tesla cores. If the new MacBook Pros give me a similar time to train, I think we're looking at a major deal here. Speaking of training, do the ML libraries even support these new architectures? I never checked as there was no need for me to, yet.