Anyone have experience with college focus groups?

Jeremy Cleverly
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We have launched our product....went with more of a wide-net ,shotgun approach to see where traction would take and determined that the incoming college student demographic is likely our early adopter. In terms of background; we are basically a LinkedIn for college students - allowing them to connect and share contact information quickly, securely and only sharing their preferred methods of contact. With having identified incoming college students as our early adopters, I'd like to use a college focus group in order to better articulate our value proposition in terms that Gen-Z identifies with and using language that resonates with them. Anyone have experience in this area? In a prior career of mine I'd use this technique in crafting my trial prep and it worked out well. I have reached out to one company and, while I was very impressed, their cost is more in line with what Coke or ESPN would spend, not a start-up that has bootstrapped. Any recommendations, thoughts, insights or even criticisms are welcome.


Gleb Braverman
I suggest taking a look at what guys at tbh app did with college kids - I believe they mastered the audience
Leonard Goulart
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Wegovy where to buy
College students are an excellent source of information for businesses. In fact, you might say it's their job to be experts in the field. When it comes to deciding what products and services your customers want, these young people have the best answers. So you can check rushmyessay reviews to learn more tips of education. These days most colleges offer courses that allow students to get paid to learn about everything from retail marketing to film production.
Jennifer Pauli
I don't have any experience in college focus groups. But I'm quite excited about it, and I'd like to hear more about it. It is very important for me as a student to learn something new. Recently I found a very interesting article about different educational resources that help students with their college studies.