Anyone by any chance looking for a co-founder/founding marketer?

Alexandra Cote
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Requirements: must have great product or idea My background is in growth marketing, product marketing, and content. But I sure love being involved in product, UX, and operations. These are some of the areas I'd like to cover. TIA


Manoj Ranaweera
SkilledUp Life, Deal Lite & Techcelerate
Hi Alex May tech startups on do not have marketing co-founders. One way to explore might be sign up as a volunteer (1 hr per day for 3 months minimum commitment) and take on a growth hacker assignment, and then explore joining them after the volunteer term. Just a thought. If you do sign up, do let me know.
Shawn Cao
Hi Alex, Would you like to take a look at - would love to chat and meet to introduce the product and myself. You can judge by yourself if it's a great product or not after that. My email: (I actually just visited the discussions for the first time as I'm looking for someone to help me to make a product hunt launch as I know I need help, :)) Regards, Shawn
Kane McCann
Founder @ LeadPad
Hi Alex, would be interested to discuss an opportunity with you further. feel free to contact me
Maxwell Davis
TweetStores - Launching 5th March 🚀
Hey Alexandra - are you still looking for people to partner up with?
shaik ikbhal Basha
1) Idea 1 -low code developer hiring platform low code ( training) training house wife, students, indian, africans ; certification later create market place - any one can hire such low code developer 2) create django admin tool - fast, simple further - just give table text definition. it will create all tables, forms, tables
Nicole Ogloza
CEO | Ex Warner, Workday
I am ...we need a lot of help with marketing Please find me on linkedin: Nicole Ogloza :)