Anyone building Conversational ChatBot?

Mahesh Pansare
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I've tried AWS Lex, Microsoft Power Virtual Agent Chatbot and now trying with third party chatbot integration service.


Serhii Ovsiienko
I was developing a service for creating a chat bot. I can provide you for free. I have now switched to another startup and I don't have enough time for everything. Test it, you might like it. If it suits you, you can use it for free. There's a neural network that learns from your prepared dialogue Here's an example:
Yes, we're building a virtual alpaca called Nuna, a chat-bot based mental health companion that uses cognitive behavioural therapy and small introspective chats to make you feel better :) Check it out on our ship:
@johan_duus_terkelsen it's actually free for a very limited amount of time until we implement subscription feature
Mitch Taylor
My friend sent me this blog post on conversational AI chatbots and it was very helpful. I am sure you could reach out to the writer. I believe he's an engineer at Quovantis
Nikita Dutta
I would recommend you to try the managed live chat services from Chat Metrics ( if you are looking for a chat tool for your website. We will offer you our team of agents who will always be available on your website to instantly answer the questions of your potential customers and website visitors. The human agents will first understand your business and then will interact with your visitors to provide them with the right solution, along with proactively promoting your brand.