Anybody have tactical recommendations for scoping OKRs for a team?

Jake Gutstein
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I have a decent top level understanding of OKRs [listed below]. But would love some advice on what comes next and how to generat powerful OKRs. Set objectives that are (what do we want to accomplish) - Significant - Concrete - Action oriented - Inspirational Results (observable outcomes) - Specific and time bound - Aggressive and realistic - Measurable and verifiable Score it - Between 0-1 are you getting there


Sasidharan Manivannan
Jake, check out this blog that can help you in writing good OKRs -
Bella Bardswell
Hi Jake I know this is quite an old post but I wanted to get in touch. I'm an ex-Googler and founder with a lot of OKR experience. We're using OKRs at my SaaS startup and they are proving super valuable. Driving focus, prioritisation and alignment. I am a super fan of OKRs. If you don't use OKRs you need some kind of goals to connect strategy and execution, and help people know what to focus on and prioritise. Also, if they understand where you're going, you can empower them stand back and let the magic happen! My company mission is to help people achieve their outcomes with OKRs - let me know if you'd like to chat!