Any weekend motivation?

Mahak from Outgrow
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Any weekend motivation? or any weekend plan?


Recharge, your start is a marathon and not a spring. Also, use parts of the sunday to plan the rest of the week :D
David J. Kim
Gonna take sunday off, and do some high level strategy work for saturday! A good strategy can be an excellent motivator.
Solomon Bush
Work late on Fridays, so you can enjoy your weekend stress free.
Solomon Bush
@mahak Lol, every company I have worked at has some sort of half-day on friday. I always work late that friday and get way more work done when everyone is out of office. But maybe this is only applicable to devs.
Mahak from Outgrow
@solomon_bush But that's a good idea. I mean especially for devs, coding in peaceful environment is best and if you can even enjoy your weekend then it's better to do more work on friday.
Kirman Smith
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