Any tools and tips for marketing a podcast?

Paul B
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I've published the 3rd episode of "Minted:NFTs, Creators, and Web3" and it's doing very well organically. I'd love to hear about the tools and methods people use to marketing a podcast.


Maxwell Davis
Hey @tiagorbf do you have any tips to share?
John Allen
Give Lava a shot to gain some more exposure & connect with your audience -- :)
Saksham Pathak
Segment your podcast into beautifully edited 1 min clips and upload on ig reels. Also share those learning from the podcast in a blog or as a transcript
Paul B
@saksham_pathak you're right IG would be a good place for show clips. There's no video though.. but i'll look into it. thank you
Podcast Promotion: Marketing Tactics To Get More Podcast Listeners : 1. Ask People To Subscribe. 2. Submit To Podcast Directories. 3. Leverage Existing Assets. 4. Share Reviews & Testimonials. 5. Create A Website. 6. Apple Smart Banner. 7. Create An Email List. 8. Be A Guest On Other Shows.
Paul B
@officialmyindigocard thanks! I'm doing 1-3 already but leverage more. Reviews and testimonials I'm now starting to ask for more (i've had 2 five star reviews :). New website went up this weekend ( I've no idea what an Apple Smart Banner is.. i'll look into that ! Email list - that's started now with the new website.. being a guest on other shows is something I haven't thought about at all actually. Thank you!
Cathrine McKartney
When it comes to the best, the right place to start is with the first ever podcast about design. I think you'd better look at and look for some creative tricks there. I tried doing a website like that, but I realised it was more about another area of design. If you're in the mood to listen to other designers who don't sugarcoat their opinions on their work and current lifestyle, you can find something on Designers Show. But there's more theory than practice and advice.