Any tips on growing HR focused b2b Saas?

Germanas Latvaitis
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Hey hunters! Might be a lot of these types questions all over the forum, but I am interested in specific HR niche of SaaS. How would you promote it? I would not do fb or google ads at this points as its too expensive for me atm. Would you suggest any tips or communities where I could promote?


I'm an absolute believer in LinkedIn for any B2B type product. Ads can be expensive on there, but content + individual outreach can be a great way of reaching those targets.
@mattisinfact Yeah I'd second this that's the platform you should be on to promote this type of product. As he says Ads are expensive but get some decent content going it'll pickup. I'd also focus on using your personal profile rather than the company page - as they aren't really that popular and people follow people.
Germanas Latvaitis
@mattisinfact @maxwellcdavis I used Linkedin everyday, but havent even thought on advertising there. Thanks! Any advice on that?
@mattisinfact @germa I didn't use the ads in the end just because they were too expensive and Facebook was better for my use case at the time. But I've seen people have very successful content campaigns from their own personal profiles.
Germanas Latvaitis
Also just to nota on my strategies so far. I have spent around 2k euros for content on my blogs and some back links. That kinda started working as I get around 1-5 clients per month from organic. Its a slack app so adding it to slack directory also helps with some organic traffic. I guess seo is still king.