Any recommendations on tools that are useful for remote work?

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Hello! You can test Verticalls a smart video conferencing platform to improve your company’s performance. It's a time-saving platform, especially for remote work.
Sandra Djajic
GoStartup is a good app for small teams/startups in particular because it's got essentially everything you need (ie. chats & channels like Slack, tasks and milestones like Trello, team calendar that automatically imports tasks like Google Calendar) Feel free to take a look at the launch: Here's the link to the website (you can try it for free too!):
Hi! When I first started working from home, I compiled a list of tools that helped me. Hope you find it useful.
Companies of all sizes must become accustomed to working as a distributed team and decide on the tools best suited for their workflows and processes. jcpassociates
Zeynep Bozkurt
Hi! Time tracking/management tool is a must-have tool for you to enhance your remote work experience. It's easier to be distracted at home or anywhere else outside the office, so you should plan your day and tasks by recording your hours and see how productive you are or not. I can suggest an easy to use time tracking tool: BeforeSunset And additionally, I want to share an article about remote work and all the details related to the topic: Hope that helps!
Urszula Ostrowska
Check out FIRMBEE for tasks management and POMODORO TECHINQUE for better organization and productivity! Works for me!!
Hi Well! we use ProofHub for remote work. It's an all-in-one remote project management software that's a must-have for teams that want more management expertise.
Rachel Cossar
Hey ! You can check out Virtual Sapiens Sidekick ( - AI-based communication coach that provides feedback and insights on your video communication. (Both live and post-call) It's particularly hard to get this kind of feedback and makes a huge difference for those important video meetings!
Jonathan Yan
Hi Jacob! At oVice we allow users to customize a virtual space for online offices, events, parties, etc! You can design your space and invite guests that you wish to join! You can interact with co-workers, friends, visitors, etc. in real time when they are in your space by using your mic and initiating a video call if you wish. It's a great toll to optimize efficiency and success in the professional sense but you can also participate in fun activities and games by embedding online games and different types of media in your space for all to enjoy. If you're interested, we'd love for you to check out our Demo Space at and explore. :)