Any practical tips for launch day?

Bharat Pasam
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Hey PH community! Any practical tips for launch day?


Carsten Pleiser
It depends, but here's the checklist I use for launch day: • Add PH badge to your website and make sure it's visible. • Prepare and send personal messages to your friends and support network. • Share a link for your launch on Hackernews • Spread the word about your launch in groups and communities. • Keep an eye on the comments section and reply to every comment lightning fast. Mid day (second boost): • Send out emails to your early subscribers sharing your progress so far and ask for support. • Share your progress on social media, with a strong reason to support you. • Share a valuable insight about your launch, traffic gained, new customers won, anything that can be valuable or worth being celebrated. • Retweet/share PH tweet about your product if they tweeted/posted about it. Final boost: • Share your progress one more time, this time focus on your goal (being #1 of the day). • Check for any unanswered comments on your launch. The magic happens in the preparation though ;)
Bharat Pasam
@ckpleiser Thanks for sharing. We have a similar plan. We dedicated a page on our website to PH with a countdown timer and all, tell me what you think