Any new Trello alternatives for kanban boards?

Norton Amato Jr.
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Guys, any good alternatives for the famous Trello board? looking for fresher and clever interfaces for better teamwork


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I personally use the kanban board view on some of my databases in Notion.
Bastien Cochet
I use Restyaboard, one of the best free Trello alternative for Kanban boards.
Norton Amato Jr.
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@bastien_cochet Looks really nice! Thanks! I'll give it a try
Fabian Maume
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I'm using It allows to see task from different trello board in one calendar.
made in Peru is the most popular open-source alternative.
Valerie Borshch new nice tool for online whiteboarding, did here my personal Kanbans, check it
Evgeny Medvednikov, free online whiteboards - try Weje boards for kanban
David Miller
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Hey! I’ve been using ProProfs Project 👉 to gain better visibility into my tasks via the Kanban board. I can move and adjust columns with ease. I can even drag and drop task cards across columns to update the project status. Moreover, the tool lets me add comments and attach files to a task on the go. This helps enhance work efficiency and improve the overall productivity of my team.
Emily Shi
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I personally use and so does the job I work at!
Sortd for Gmail was being launched today. It is a new Kanban product for Gmail. Check it out
Deborah Cook
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@allthingsgtd I use it and totally love it!