Any Meeting Preparation Hacks? 💡

Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
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What do you do to prepare for meetings with people outside of your organization? How much time do you spend on that? Do you have any tips and tricks that have helped you become more efficient over the years?


Stefan Smiljkovic
Doing research on the person I am meeting with. Their social, business, etc.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
@stefan_smiljkovic This is one of, if not the most important thing! Where do you usually get your information from? LinkedIn?
Stefan Smiljkovic
@lior_galante_cohen usually I am Google-ing their name/business, to see what they are about, if their business had some funding etc. Most of the time I end up on Linkedin as you said.
Mayank Mishra
I always try to arrive 3-5 minutes before time, it gives a great headstart!
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
@mishra_mayank Agreed, you also want to make a good first impression, if it's someone you're meeting for the first time.
Ari Bencuya
Depends on the meeting. If it's a sales/hiring meeting you should already have a script and questions prepared before the meeting starts. If it's a business development meeting then before the meeting I always suggest you write down the goals for the meeting (whether personal or organizational or both) on a piece of paper beforehand. "For this to be a good meeting, what should we get out of it?" Then the questions/topics of the meeting can all revolve around that one idea.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
@thebencuya It definitely depends, and I agree you should always have in mind the main things to be discussed in the meeting as well as what do you want to get out of it. Thank you for sharing!
Archisman Das
1. Look up folks on LinkedIn and Twitter 2. Check the latest news around them or the companies they are involved 3. If possible, try to get a sense of their ethos, principles, or current areas of focus. The time I spend is basically a function of the criticality of the meeting.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
@archisman_das Great protocol to follow! I find myself doing something very similar before each meeting. I think the product we're working on might be just up your alley:
Judy Chen
Definitely do your research on the person/people you meet with, this gives me a better idea of what they care about and their goals for the meeting which I can combine with mine own to optimize the productivity of the meeting
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
@judy_chen1 Spot on! Couldn't agree more. What sources do you usually rely on?
These are the things i usually do, have been helpful. 1. Do some research on the person I'm meeting with (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) 2. Do some research on their product, service, or company. 3. Put on some makeup and dress well even if its an online meeting (it makes me feel confident) 4. Have an agenda in my head, depending on the meeting, and try to make sure I'm not digressing from it.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
@senin Sounds like you've figured it out! Amazing! Loved the one about dressing up and putting on some makeup even if it's a Zoom call!
Bertha Kgokong
This i learned in my very first job, the best preparation for a meeting is 👉🏾 👉🏾 the meeting before the meeting. You have to know the main influencers of your meeting, and make sure you have a mini meeting with each one of them, in private - to tell them exactly what you are going to tell them at the meeting, ask for their feedback, before the meeting. Then at the meeting, you are basically just telling them what they already know, and have already bought in to - they feel involved in the decision making, and you get to have the smoothest meeting.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
@berthakgokong I love it. I also believe that there should never be this big "unveiling moment", and people who you work with shouldn't be caught by surprise at the meeting.
Kate Middle
I prepare beforehand. I schedule the meeting. I read the general info about the theme of the meeting. Last time I found many useful info on Then prepare the information I need to transfer. I write down some notes. I prepare the structure of the meeting, distinguish purpose and aims. I sometimes even try to schedule a certain amount of time to discuss each point. As for me, structure is in the first place.
Jeon Jungkook
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