Any free tools that can help in improving website traffic?

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Freelancers and startups often look for free tools that can help them increase traffic because most of the paid tools cost a lot of money. I searched the internet and there aren't a lot of useful info on this. Can any one in PH help?


Nik Hazell
Watching with interest 👀
Fabian Maume
Well, nothing is truly free. You can find some low-cost tools but it will require more time to leverage. For example, you can get traffic by answering questions on Quora but it will be highly time-consuming. You can save some time by using QApop. It is always a trade-off between time and money. Also you should pay attention to the KPI you are targeting: is traffic really the metric, which matters for you? You can have a successful consulting business without any website, what matters is to have a pipeline of clients.
Kevin Offret
Google Analytics, serprobot for keywords ranking, and application for improve the quality of your SEO texts