Any design resources you can recommend for no-code building?

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Youri Nelson
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I don't know about no-code specifically but one site I love to use to find design inspiration is tons of great content and super talented designers. I also like and from pictures and illustrations. Not sure if that's helpful but those are some of my go to sites for design related thigns in dev.
No-Code Maker
@youreka I already know this resources, I'm just looking for more resources. Anyways, Thank you..
Rish A
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Hey @m4rcdel :) What sort of resources are you looking for?
Joana Gomes
Hi m4rcdel :) You should check out Bondlayer which is an all-in-one solution to develop and manage custom websites and mobile apps. The only one with important features like multi-language, custom breakpoints, real time filters, sort and pagination. Give it a try. It's free, until you add your own domain. You you need any help just let me know!
Mekkie Bansil
Design and other creative things
i think everyone should read refactoring ui if they're getting started with design!