Any asynchronous teams here? What are your thoughts on remote vs. office?

RJ Youngling
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Have you tried both? What are some of the pros and cons that you noticed? Were you able to remedy the cons?


Roger Mullens
I prefer remotely honestly. I actually have more flexible times and I get to work when I'm feeling alot more productive. I low-key miss my team.
RJ Youngling 🪵💧
@roger_mullens That makes sense. Do you feel productivity takes a hit?
only remote; sometimes (if possible) we meet each other. I mean remote is just simpler and we are much more efficient. So same as Roger says :)
RJ Youngling 🪵💧
@robinkunz It's interesting that you say that it's not just as efficient but even more efficient!
Veranika Vinichenka
In terms of work efficiency, I'm definitely prefer remote work, because less time is spent on not always appropriate conversations, etc., plus it seems to me that it is sometimes easier to restore the process from text messages if you are distracted. And there is always the opportunity to call if the text does not reach mutual understanding
RJ Youngling 🪵💧
@nika_vinichenko Interesting. Seems like most founders here are biased toward remote. Good point on the time wasted on irrelevant conversations.
Jacob Varghese
Remote for me. I tend to be more productive when remote. I recently worked for 2 companies. One was built for remote from the get go. This was in pre-covid times and coming into that environment from an office set up was a shock—mainly because how efficient it was and how productive I got due to the reduction commute and related prep. Then I moved to an office environment for 2 years before being forced to remote work with Covid. Based on all of this my thoughts on the positives remote work still stand and and I'd prefer that to going into the office. Meeting the team 2-4 times a year irl would be make remote work perfect.
RJ Youngling 🪵💧
@jacobvar Thanks for your generous comment. You're in a unique position to have bounced back and forth between the two. For me personally, I think 1-2 days at the office, 3-4 days remote would be ideal. I do think there's something about physically being with the people you're working with. But I'm very extroverted so there's a good chance I'm biased here. Thanks again friend.
Arko Ganguli
I am ambivalent about the whole remote v office debate. Remote is fine, but once in a while you do need a physical interactions, and tried and tested methods of creating team culture would not always work in remote circumstances. I feel remote is more productive in the short term, but in the long term, a hybrid model may be the best foot forward.