😬 Anxious about launching tomorrow on PH 😬 Any last minute tips?

Vivek Ganesan
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Tomorrow, I am going to launch Notesally (https://notesally.com) on Product Hunt with a goal to get early adopters. Though all our team members have all done our best, this feels like a great endeavor and honestly, my team is a little anxious. Do you have any last minute tips for us? In your eyes, should we change anything in our website copy or the Product Hunt upcoming page at https://www.producthunt.com/upco... ? Thanks in advance!


Dawn Veltri
I subscribed to your upcoming page, so I don't miss it. Good luck tomorrow! Be sure to come back and give us all an update of how it went.
Nishith from True Sparrow
You are going to do great, @vivek_ganesan! Can't wait. Looking forward to seeing Notesally the #1 product of the day.
Daniel Leal
Don't be afraid to share you product in every single social media, professional network, etc that you have. Push push push!
Sakshi Fotedar
All the best for your launch! We launched yesterday - would suggest activating the PH and overall product network of yours as much as possible. extremely effective!
Emanuele Caldari
Don't worry! Your success will not be defined tomorrow, but by what you have done and what you will do. Don't give up regardless. And I still wish you the best for tomorrow!
Hey! I'm reading this 11days later! Hope you had a fantastic launch!! πŸ‘‹
Vivek Ganesan
@shruti_vrm Thanks for the support, Shruti! Coincidentally, I just published a blog post about our launch - https://notesally.com/blog/produ...
@vivek_ganesan Thanks a bunch! Will check out :)