Android Vs iPhone

Leigh Hunt
7 replies
Do you use an Android phone or iPhone? Tell me why you use either one?


Launching soon!
This is a years-old battle, and it does not seem to end soon. Btw I prefer iPhone for its security.
I use Android 'cause I'm not rich. But if I have to choose between both now, I would like to try an iPhone for sure.
Vaibhav Taneja
I use iPhone, they are generally faster than android and they have extreme security. Though android phones are also competing well with phones, I think the mindset of Apple users will not change once they have shifted from android to ios that are how apple is retaining their customers.
George Fell
Personally, I only use an iphone. Every year I buy a new model. Some might say it's an addiction, but I just feel as comfortable as possible. But I buy used phones to unlock iCloud in case of something.The most problematic for me was unlock the iPhone 12 iCloud, blocked by the owner
Marlow Ardeneaux
I have been using iPhones for the past ten years on a daily basis. However, I also had a couple of android smartphones. Right now, I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Both of these phones are great, but I still prefer the Apple product. It just feels better in use and easier to use as well. While the Flip is something innovative considering the form factors. The thing that annoys me the most in my Samsung is that I cannot use a fake phone number for verification australia on it. And I cannot even understand why!
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