An experience/opportunity that no one should miss out on?

Varsha Anil
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To me, it's traveling. Never miss out on an opportunity to travel, even if it means exploring the city you live in.


spending time in nature
Mrinalini Rabindranath
Spending time with children. As we grow older it becomes more and more important to be able to see the world in a fresh perspective and what better way to do that than spending time with the youngest generation.
Stuti Agarwal
@mrinalini_r Interesting, for me its the old. They have an insight into history and experience and the most enriching stories.
Stuti Agarwal
To me its interacting with people. Anyone, about anything. Some of my best writing has come for the least expected people.
Varsha Anil
@stuti True Their personalities play a huge role in helping us understand different perspectives and as a writer it makes a bigger impact for you as you can explore new creatives.
Robert Ferguson
@stuti I agree with you. Many people experienced a lot, and their wisdom is so invaluable that no tutorial or book can teach you about it. The different perspectives and approaches that you don't see in your everyday life. This experience is something that you shouldn't miss.
Reading philosophy then discussing peculiar ideas with friends.
Mayank Gupta
Solo trip. Try this once in your life. Go to a calm place for 3-4 days. Stay alone, meet new people make new friends and explore yourself.
Shiva Prabhakaran
Work in a new city/town. It usually changes perspective and the frame through which you view your work. I worked for a few weeks from a beach shack in Goa and my output grew by at least 50%.
Raghav Goyal
Keep meeting new people. So many people to meet, so many perspectives to experience!
Stas Voronov
Riding a motorbike on mountain roads
Tanoy Chowdhury
For me, it's walking. I love the feeling that comes with walking. Doesn't really matters where I'm; I feel released and it gives a lot of time to think about anything that makes me curious.
Shivam Ramphal
I feel powerful when standing on top of high places and letting the wind hit you. I think it's really sensational.
Erwin T.
hot ramen noodles on a stormy Thursday.
Same here! Travelling and living in different countries allows you to experience new things.
For me its travelling and documenting cities, people and activities in my writings, photographs and sketches.
Somnath Sandeep
Experiencing the world through alternate states of mind
Varsha Anil
@somnathsandeep could you elaborate on that please? This seems intriguing
@somnathsandeep What do you mean by alternate states of mind ??