An addition to Google Photos !?

Sudhanshu bhatia
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Photos have long been used to relive memories. We look at the pictures that we clicked some time ago, and all the memories start flowing into our minds. Today, everyone using an android has google photos installed on their phones. The app is home to all of our photos and videos, which are automatically organized and easy to share. The app does a great job in doing so; we have the images and videos automatically organized based on faces, places, things, and many other categories. We can mark some as favourites, and I'll probably miss a few of its features if I start mentioning them here. Let's talk about the facial recognition feature; Google Photos does a brilliant job organizing the pictures based on faces and creates a whole album so we can relive all our special memories with the person just by clicking on that one picture. But here's one aspect that Google Photos missed out on. (Or maybe they did recognize and reject it with reasons, it's Google, after all !) While Google Photos describes itself as "The home for your memories. Relive, share and organize your photos.", they did not consider that memories with a person are not just the pictures where his face is visible, but it incorporates a lot more than that! If my brother gifts me a watch, I'd like to see its picture when I relive my memories with him. I would like to see his picture, which I took while he was sleeping with a pillow over his head. There can be several other use cases. Here's an attempt that my friend Pranay Dongre and I made on how this feature would like on the Photos app! If you know the reason why this feature is not present, do share it in the comments! We added a 1-click button to add a particular souvenir with a single/multiple people. Also, when you open your memories with a particular person you can click on souvenir and have a look at all the images that remind you of that person! Do share your thoughts on the idea.
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