Alternatives to Google Analytics that do not violate the GDPR?

Andres Martin
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Due to the new rulings against Google Analytics in Austria for violating the terms of the GDPR. Which alternatives are your favorites to Google Analytics? And if you manage Europe based sites, are you going to migrate to other analytics GDPR complying product this year?


Jakub Piskor
I'm testing Plausible right now. Got recommendations for Fathom and Simple Analytics too.
Andres Martin
@jakub_piskor Many thanks for the recommendations! how's your experience using Plausible so far?
Jakub Piskor
@andresmartin So far so good. It's very simple tool to understand so it's ideal for newbies. I will test goals and events now. This will decide how I will evaluate it.
Nico Prananta
I am using Matomo for Coparrot right now. They have an article about GDPR Honestly, I always think Google Analytics is too complex for me. For a new released landing page, I just want to know number of visits at the beginning.
Nocodelytics if on Webflow. That's what I'll be using