Airtable is missing a few critical features, your opinion required

Dennis Mezler
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I really enjoy working with Airtable. Lately automated some internal processes for staff planning. It became the default tool to kick off projects requiring an underlying database that can be accessed via an intuitive table UI. However, the more I am building with Airtable I am missing two critical features: ->More advanced user rights management Real world example: -Record A contains work schedule information for employee A. -Record B contains this type of information for employee B. -Employee A is able to see and change information in record A only. -Employee B is able to see but not change information in record B only. ->Git like version control Right now I am thinking about building an alternative that solves these problems. What are your thoughts on this idea? Looking forward to exchanging thoughts.


John Smith
Main value of airtable for me is the integration with low code tool: you can use airtable as backend quite easily, so try to keep it. The git version control sound interesting.
Dennis Mezler
@johnsmi52412940 Do you think it would be helpful for you if you wouldnt need a low code solution and stack it on airtable but a tool that would use this data and has a user ui on top? - and another question what is your use case for airtable? Thanks for your reply