AirBNB for Artist With/Without Space

James Whiteside
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Would you or anyone you know who's an artist of sorts consider using someone else's spare space to make your art at a daily or hourly rate?


What do you mean by 'your art'? Art that has been commissioned by me (the target mkt) and have it done under my supervision? Or you mean an Airbnb / renting out a space for a temporary studio for artists to create whatever work they desire (I assume the latter but wanted to clarify). This would be an interesting idea for places like NYC where a higher number of artists cannot find studio space for a reasonable price (especially less established artists). For higher-end artists without their own space, I assume they would be willing to pay a premium for more spaces with more 'inspirational' aspects as well The project would definitely have to start incredibly localized, and with any two-sided project, you would run into the chicken or the egg problem - spaces don't want to sign up without ready to rent artists, and vice versa. Would take a lot of creativity to get initial sign-ups on both sides, but could be done and would get a lot of popularity at famous art schools as well. See the below link for how Airbnb founders got their first 1000 customers, seems like a similar problem you'd be solving and very inspirational
James Whiteside
@kmkmkm Thanks for the feedback and yes I did mean something similar to renting space to artist to work in. I figure there is definitely a market for people that want more space than their living room but may not be as far along in their career. Having more space to operate and create in could considerably help those artist in their pursuits.