🤔AI Review Generation for products: The Good, the Bad, or the Ugly?

Yana Semour
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AI is becoming mature enough to disrupt Copywriting: you can generate everything that copywriting agencies produce nowadays. But what about Review Generation? Is it ethical to create the review with an AI? We've launched yesterday and get a lot of feedback on this point. So I guess it's a nice place to discuss 😏 Most e-commerce shops pay copywriters to create several reviews for new products because this dramatically increases SEO optimization. Is there any difference between the reviews that were written by the copywriter and those that were generated?


Fabian Maume
Well the point of reviews is for potential buyers to check people opinions on the product. Reviews are not meant for SEO even if they help. Why do you use AI copy to create extract description content instead of reviews?
Yana  Semour
@fabian_maume hey, I'm not a shop owner but our clients said that. Usually small shops has to do it to be shown to the customers. We're not compare real reviews with fake, we compare fake but written by human and fake by AI
Do you use any models other than GPT-3?