AI Replacing human interaction?

Daniel Po
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More and more apps seem to be taking over jobs previously associated solely with human interaction. From convenience stores' payment methods, automated parking lots, resume screening systems and even preliminary health checks or questionnaires. How far do you think we will get in the next decade with AI and machine learning?


Olivia Bridges
For better and for worse, robots will alter humans’ capacity for altruism, love, and friendship. By Nicholas A. Christakis AI is the future of technology. A lot of jobs are occupied by software using ai technology. Artificial Intelligent is too smart to perform tasks like a human, like writing articles, etc.
Daniel Po
@olivia_bridges super interesting. I took part in a nice online lecture / workshop about AI and article writing, and was surprised to see that it was difficult to see what single sentences were AI-written and which were written by a human. BUT, the entire article itself was a whole other story, and it was always obvious which were written by AI and which by a human.