After launching a new product, what's your next marketing step?

Mirjana Stevuljevic
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Alice Rodgers
Well we are using all possible sources: agency for analytics, freelancer for sales funnel; SMM, Content in house
Mirjana Stevuljevic
@cn__katie If you have an upcoming project but you'd like to cut down on the agency selection time, check out our free service -!
Alice Rodgers
@mirjana_designrush Thanks for the info) I've passed it to our CPMO)
Gleb Braverman
Do it in-house as long as you can - this way you will know much more about your users and product
sab kanaujia
agree with Gleb. assuming product launch does not mean getting product-market-fit, which requires rapid iteration with real user data, which requires learning as much as u can about your customers...hence market in-house in order to stay close to your customers.