Account Executives, would love to get your feedback on our product!

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil
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Hey there! πŸ‘‹ Hoping to reach some fellow AEs out there to get some feedback on a product that a small team and I are working on. Just some background on me for further context - I have a background in sales and have helped build SDR/AE teams at a few different startups. In my latest role, it was more of a hybrid SDR lead/AE role and one of the biggest pain points me and my other team member had was how to effectively engage our mid-funnel prospects and keep them warm through email comms. But, as our pipeline only grew it became increasingly difficult to keep every active deal warm and a lot of time spent just came down to managing & digging through emails. Hence the Aha! moment - which is why we wanted to build a platform that gives an intuitive and beautiful email experience, designed for Account Executives, helping you do more, faster – so you have time to focus on your most important work - closing deals. Would love to get feedback and thoughts from other AEs - check out our Ship page (link below) to view our 3-min product demo and thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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