{a question for founders} Can you describe what your company does in one sentence?

Aleksandra Vukovic
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What's your one-sentence pitch?


Aleksandra Vukovic
@trakti Renzo, would you be kind to share which kind of deals? It's unclear to readers.
Renzo Brus 💻⚡
@aleksandra_vukovic All kind of deals! Thanks to our platform you can manage contracts from creation with customizable template to signature and payments!
Note-taking for researchers. What about you @aleksandra_vukovic, what's your own line pitch?
Aleksandra Vukovic
@avidnote It is clear for whom you are building it, with what purpose, and even if it isn't explicitly stated, it conveys a user pain. I like it! Mine is still under construction: Marketing strategy program to help founders articulate their company's Singular Advantage and design a marketing strategy based on it.
Anupama Panchal
Linkjoy helps you in channelizing your social media traffic to your brand pages or website and retargeting them in ads.
Aleksandra Vukovic
@anupamapanchal hi Anupama, thanks for sharing. Would you mind if I suggest some things you should consider changing? Instead of using "you", it's always better to say who is it for. Is it for founders, for creators, website owners? I would suggest you to ditch complicated words such as channelizing.
Dagobert Renouf
Brand design without the designer.
Aleksandra Vukovic
@dagorenouf thanks for sharing! I like this description as it is clear who is it for. However, I'm personally lacking the information if it is a service (for example, I could have a brand design without *internal* designer by hiring freelancer or a smaller agency) or is it a tool. If it's a tool, then I would like to know how you differ from other similar tools. I like how guys from TypeDreamHQ articulated their uniqueness even though the category in which they operate is full of competition: No-code site builder, easy as NotionHQ, pretty as Webflow
Dagobert Renouf
@aleksandra_vukovic Thanks a lot Aleksandra. It's a bit too short indeed. How's that: designer-made brand identities, instantly tailored to your startup.
Ruben Wolff
Corepo.org is a place providing help to entrepreneurs work on their projects, by giving them all the tools they might be looking for, as well as business insights to find the next big thing to work on
Anurag K
Project management tool for small teams.
Wael Khattar
We offer FinTech as a service; We help you build & Launch your FinTech product by using our ready made APIS and no code Templates .
David Rodgers
Robots to handle your everyday tasks and free up time for the things matter.
Anton Ross
An ecosystem for marketers