A poll for folks looking to invest into rental properties

Warren Phen
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How much are you willing to commit for the downpayment?


Warren Phen
I'm conducting a questionnaire on typeform as well - https://hu6k8z03dww.typeform.com...
John Smith
I would actually rather invest in real estate bonds to have more liquid investment (and lower entree fee).
Danna Langstraat
Investments in real estate are relevant but require a large outlay at once. You can invest in marketing, which gives faster results. According to recent surveys, users are spending more time on social media due to the lockdown, which has increased the demand for targeting. At this point, most potential customers don't trust a company if it doesn't have a personal brand on platforms like Instagram. A year ago, I opened my young brand. It was online platforms that helped me to increase sales. To improve my skills, I began to study the necessary literature. In particular helpful was onstage-online.com. What other successful investments do you know?
Alvaro Mathis
Rentals are the greatest real estate investment property type because of their regular occupancy and profitability.
Amanda Trincher
In fact, it all depends on your investments and the amount of capital for this. Usually the best investments are in projects of a commercial or industrial nature. Look in the direction of this project, business park space for lease, and you will notice how high REIT it has
Shadow Fight
Investing in rental properties can be a lucrative option due to their consistent occupancy and profitability compared to other types of Inmobiliaria investments.