What do you think what is the percentage of fake news being generated online every day?

Razmik Avetisyan
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Kaloyan Dobrev
My opinion is that term Fake News is the problem of the century. People or agency start to generate fully fake news to support something that they have been paid for. One other problem is that when one "big" media has posted the news - others automatically copy the news without verification of any kind. This effect can create some authenticity for the news and people start to believe in a lie. For me the root of this problem is the greed оf news companies for the attention of a reader so they can sell ads to them. Maybe if we shift from ads to payment subscription this will be corrected, but we are so used to free information that this won't be easy.
Razmik Avetisyan
@kokiweb Exactly. In addition, I believe AI generated content is yet another challenge that we as content consumers might face. If AI generated content starts to flood the internet, it might be really hard to tell what is human created and what is artificially generated. By the way the results of the poll are interesting. Majority of participants (38%) thinks that more than 50% of internet content might be fake..
David Mark Brown
As the CEO of a publishing company (fiction), I've researched this matter extensively. Ad spend is the central culprit. While subscriptions can help, we also need a new method of curation/discovery. If advanced machine learning and natural language learning can be applied by new emerging companies who have the fortitude to avoid the lure of competitive ad spend and other forms of high-friction advertising, we can defeat this beast. Not all advertising is evil. I'm looking toward companies like Brave (browser) to lead the way.
Steve Connerton
Depends what you consider fake news.