A survey for entrepreneurs.

Polad Malkin
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Hi, we are a team of researchers and developers at the University of Stanford California in the field of secure storage and exchange of information, we are creating a secure exchange and storage of documents for organizing a document turnover, as well as signing documents, secure messaging, with the ability to integrate with existing programs and platforms on the market. Now we are conducting research and testing of the developed platform and would like to talk with you about emerging issues in the field of exchange, storage, encryption, and signing of documents. We want to present standard cases - problems that we have already discovered in the process of our research, which bring so many losses: 1. Entrepreneurs store documents in the cloud storage services of Google, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon, etc. Many cases have been recorded when third parties gain access to this information. Since there are leaks of personal data of users. 2. The constant virus attacks from the internet to the local computer of entrepreneurs annually entail the loss of commercial and personal information if it is not protected. 3. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time working with paper documents with their clients to arrange meetings for discussing and signing documents. https://forms.gle/JMR3836LkSjJrPF56 https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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