Suggestions for good business ideas?

Veronica Gilbert
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Hi everyone, I am Looking forward to your answer. Suggest various business ideas to start a business and to sustain in the market niche.


Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@veronica_gilbert This question is pretty open ended. In my experience - folks should start businesses based on their passions/ problems which affect them on a personal level. Are you looking for inspiration to kick off a project? What problem are you interested in solving?
Online marketing
@veronica_gilbert Which sector are you interested in?
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@veronica_gilbert start shopify and get monthly 1k USD easily...
@veronica_gilbert but where do you live? I think the location is essential.
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@veronica_gilbert The idea doesn't matter much, The execution matters way more.
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Hi, Online earning is the best source of income in the pandemic situation. I am also working on an online project and I hope it works very well.