Does anyone run background checks on their dates or partners?

Lauren Holliday
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If so, why? If not, why not? Do you buy them before date or after a few dates or when you've been with someone for a while? What are you looking for in these reports? How much do you pay per report or whatever?


Tom Charde
Not paid background checks, but some DIY sleuthing -- yes. I do the same for candidates applying for jobs, as a way to help hone in on those who we'd like to speak with. (Full checks are done later in the process by HR.) But I'm in Florida, which has *very* open public records laws, so there's a lot of info available -- from arrest records and mugshots, to voter registration and property ownership. This is actually what enables "Florida Man..." to be a thing. (e.g., every state has "Florida Men" -- the media/public just doesn't have access to records like they do in FL.)
Daeshawn Ballard
I haven't done any background checks, I let a woman's red flags weed herself out of my life. I personally feel like that is a male privilege or my own personal dating misstep, to never have had to worry or thought about doing a background check. However, after hearing about a local guy who ended up dating a girl who turned out to be a killer, it did make me strongly think about it, but I'm out of the dating game so I have no reason to. I think it'd be great if this were something baked into a dating app that could be an extra cost, I'd pay anywhere between $5-$20 (I think $9.99 would be my sweet spot. ) per report on someone I matched with and was intending to meet up with, so right up front.