How much would you pay for a domain?

Dani Panus
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Hey fellow makers 👋 Need your advice on pricing. I'm building a service which helps makers and startups get an awesome domain for their project. Currently, the focus is on great dotcoms, since they are increasingly hard to source. After a few initial feedback rounds, I got a few questions about the price. So I wanted to get your views on what would you be willing to pay for a dotcom purchase? I'm only sourcing short, pronounceable, memorable names. To give you a taste: etc. How much would you pay for the above-mentioned domains? Am I going overboard with $195? I would appreciate your feedback! 🙏


A great .com is a pretty good investment for any startup. $195 seems to be a fair price. (of course it depends from .com name to name) Do you own the domain names or do you try to akquire them?
Kaloyan Dobrev
For me .com domains are more for prestige that for functionality. Most users just type the name of the company they want in their prefer search engine (mostly Google - which is bad) and get to the site. Of course if the .com is own by different entity that may be problem in the future of the company.
I might not be the target but for me its much less.. 40-60 for good brandable names, 80 for great. I am a student though so prob doesn't apply for me.