Q: Acquiring Users :)

~ Estate
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Which channel has been the most effective at attracting users to your product (aside from PH)?


Charlie Revilo
Social Media (Facebook)
Renato Barba
Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter) and publishing sites such as Medium and Hackernoon
Hacker news and reddit so far!
TL Robinson
Social media along with word of mouth via friends, family and connections has helped me to get the users needed to BETA test the app. Those folks have told their friends and now I have a waiting list.
Mr. T
@charlierevilo PH is a pretty good place! for instance, i love real estate and i'm building something in the fintech/realtech space. i just checked out r.estate! great site. anything i can do to help spread the word? (i'd love to hear your thoughts on tellusapp.com)
~ Estate
@charlierevilo @myster_t Any feedback (+/-)would be great. Perhaps we could be a home discovery tool for Tellus users. :)
Mr. T
@charlierevilo @estate some quick thoughts on your website: 1) cover photo resolution is low 2) call to action should be higher up: what do you want me to do as a potential new user? ask me directly and show me how to do it :) 3) i love your mission 🤩 4) animate with some in-app videos (or simple tutorial videos) if you want to show fewer words 5) i'd love to know (cus i love real estate) how you guys do it. is it a new AVM? what's different from other valuation system (zillow, redfin, etc)? maybe tellus can help promote your valuations to our users.
~ Estate
@charlierevilo @myster_t Thanks for the feedback. Please clear cache and refresh: http://r.estate 1. The cover is a new video, which should autoplay (it will look blurry if the video is a still image). It's a bug we're looking into. 2. Call to action has been updated to match the new video. Is it clearer? 3. Thanks! The real estate market is broken, isn't it?! 4. We're working on an iPhone simulator that will replace our screenshots. 5. Yes, Swirl ("~" by Estate) is an AVM with herbs & spices thrown in. Our Q12020 goal is to build and find an MVPMF (Minimum Viable Product Market Fit). Let's keep in touch. We have a long journey ahead of us! :)