When launching a product on PH, does it matter how many followers you have?

Oliver Wolf
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Kyrylo Taranenko
Hey @oliver_wolf! It certainly helps. If you check the main page you will notice that each day only 10 products are displayed, and the rest 8-10 go under the cut. Having followers who are willing to start the discussion and share their opinion about your product helps to boost you to the main page and get in front of PH visitors. Do you often click "show more" when you open PH? I'm sure I rarely do so. But it's not the quantity but the quality that matters. If your followers are users of your product or know you personally, make sure they will come and support you. It is always best for the discussion to have several topic starters who may highlight the interesting sides of your product, recommend it or simply share what kind of a person and maker you are. If they are bypassers who hear about your product for the first time and you just bring them to upvote your product... that will not bring you any kind of actionable result you even if you manage to receive a badge. By the way, I need help to get that initial traction on the launch day. So if you find my answer helpful, please follow our Upcoming page for TimelinesAI. I would appreciate your support and will do the same in return!
@oliver_wolf I would say yes, ideally your followers receive an email when you launch a product so that increase the probability they came to PH to upvote it.