90% of push notifications are a reminder for me to remove an app

Lior Barak
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I don't know if you feel the same, but many apps overuse push notifications, sometimes, they just hope to generate a DAU and nothing more, sometimes, after I receive one or two very irrelevant push notifications I remove the app from my mobile, I don't even wish to open the app and turn the push-off. I think that having a simple onboarding that let you select which tips of push notification you wish to receive can simplify the life of us all and maybe even increase the retention, do you agree?


John Smith
I agree. I usually uninstal the app pushing too many notifications.
Sune B. Thorsen
I do agree that selecting push notification options during on-boarding is preferred. That's what I do in app too. However, I rarely uninstall an app because of notifications. I simply hold down on the notification to disable all notifications from that app, or select which types of notifications I want to receive (can be done without opening the app itself).
Richard Shepherd
Yes, I completely agree. Notifications are worst thing about phones. I want to choose when to engage with something, not when it suits the app. My attention span is not for sale thank you very much! I feel very strongly about this and am trying to build our communication tool with the Centre for Humane Technology's principles in mind. https://www.humanetech.com/techn...
Fabian Maume
I agree. The only exception for me are the trading apps, where you can setup alerts when stocks reach some specific level.
Elen Udovichenko
So true! 95% of the apps on my phone have disabled notifications 😅
Nikolas R
Agreed, marketing push notifications just seem wrong and invasive. However, I do find transactional notifications (like a new message) super helpful.
Meng Wee Tan
Therefore there is a need to give an option on notification.
Taisiia Kostenko
Yeah, absolutely. It's so important to optimize prioritization of notifications in setting for app. I had a case where I disabled annoying notifications for apartment rent app and missed important message from homeowner so he almost canceled my booking.
Vladimír Seman
read my lips: no notifications at all ;-) once i turned them all off, i could focus much better. if i need to check something, i will open the app. the only one type of notification would be enough: a small number of messages next to the app icon.
Emmanuelle Zaoui
Couldn't agree more...most of the time my push notifications remind me that I don't actually use the app in question.
Anna Kachan Aytan
Also it is SO annoying when you get all the notifications in a row and you can't do anything about it or continue with what you were doing before
Hugo P.
You know what, I was thinking that my phone was full of s**** notifications always and never took actions! Now I will! Let kick those spammers out!
Serge Gusev
Agree! Don't use many apps tbh and the notifications are on only for Salck, Twitter and Reddit :)
Ethan O'Sullivan
Instagram is infamous for that. I'm constantly getting notifications such as "so-and-so posted for the first time in a while". They are essentially doing everything they can to pull you back into the app. The more people they can get back to engage on their app = more ad revenue. On top of that, they don't allow you to disable notifications, at least permanently. Fortunately for Android users, you can override the app's notification and turn it all off.
Hunter Owens
It's all about delivering value in the push notifications. For instance, look at the number of push notifications sent by messaging apps or Uber—yet we never complain about those. As a PM/Engineer, if you put yourself in the user's POV, what notifications would deliver (pun intended) value?
Lior Barak
So how do we change things, if we all agree on it, why do we keep developing apps that send push notifications?
Vikram Sahu ꩜
Agree, but i prefer disabling notification for apps unless the app is super helpful for me like i enable notification for whatsapp, Linkedin and one of the news app but rest all notifications are disable. It helps me with productivity. The constant nudges are automatically discarded. For Ecommerce/shopping apps they already send SMS for the product we order 😃.
Welly Mulia
Interesting thought. I block all notifications from almost every app -- only a few handful that I think are important do I let them notify me. Other than that, I won't die from not receiving instant updates :)
Duo makes use of push notification to a great extent. They leverage push notification to remind you to study. After a while, if you ignore the push notification and don't go to the app to study, then they say: "These notification don't work. We will stop sending them". When seeing that, it urges you to continue studying. So in this case, the push notification is really useful to help me move forward with my goal. So yeah, use it wisely.