Hi Makers, we need help reaching out target audiences for feedback

Sivan Yitzhak
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We are WIDER - a new way to meet friends! 1⃣ What is WIDER? WIDER simplifies the process of finding friends, by finding for you people that get you. It’s an app that uses a smart match & AI, to spot and connect us with the best-suited people to be our friends. People you have a connection with on a personal level. Connection beyond similar interests, age, or marital status. People that we have no chance of meeting in one lifetime and can be right under our noses... 2⃣ The matching: Our matching algorithm is base on psychological models to connect people with similar world views, matching personalities, and more. 3⃣ Why? We want to use technology to deepen our friendships - not to flatten them. So that anyone, everywhere, and in any stage in life will have genuine connections. We were created by people, for people, so that each of us could have as many meaningful friendships as possible in their life. We are here, to build genuine friendships that suit each of us personally, and reflect the needs & changes we undergo in our lives. Friendships that allow us to be ourselves and all the things we dream of being. 4⃣ Our initial target audiences From the initial research we did, we found that our initial target audiences could be: * Single moms / single dads * Single women over 30 * Women over 25 who are looking for their BFF * People who have moved to a new place of residence We want to reach out to these audiences, give them the demo, and hear their feedback. ▶▶ What would be a great help for us? ◀◀ 1. To get connections to people from one of these 4 audiences 2. If you know people from one of the 4 audiences and could send them the link to give us feedback 3. If someone here is part of a relevant group and can publish the link ▶▶ THE LINK TO GET OUR DEMO: www.widerconnections.com/users-f... ◀◀ Thanks for your time in reading this! We would appreciate any help and would love to hear any other thoughts you have about our product. Our website: www.widerconnections.com
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