What books did you read last month (January 2020)?

Alisa Smelkova
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I'm so inspired of previous discussion about favorite ways of learning new things. It shows that a lot of people here love reading books, so I decided to do this thread. Maybe if it became popular we could share what we've read every month?


Cody B. Gaskin
@alisa_smelkova Love this! For me it was The Lean Startup and started on The Dichotomy of Leadership
Boris Rykov
@alisa_smelkova @cody_gaskin1 The Lean Startup is pretty much a Bible for all entrepreneurs these days - great for anyone looking to start their own business for the first time.
@alisa_smelkova @cody_gaskin1 @acquisitions_2020 Everybody starting a startup should read 4 Steps To The Epiphany by Steve Blank https://web.stanford.edu/group/e... Lean Startup grew out of Steve's lessons.
Andreea Balasa
@alisa_smelkova @cody_gaskin1 Loving The Lean Startup. Definitely helped us with Lumio 🚀 Also, still loving Nir Eyal's Hooked. The updated version is great 👌
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
@alisa_smelkova that's a great idea! I've read 'Secrets of Sand Hill Road' by S. Kupor and 'Hooked' by N. Eyal 🤓
Faizan Patankar
@alisa_smelkova @gabriele_jusaityte How did find reading 'Hooked' ? I found it low on depth and basic prod dev hooks.
@alisa_smelkova I started reading Around the world in 80 days as part of my launch of Literary Map https://www.producthunt.com/post... that I finally did last friday, a new way to enjoy your books. Ah, the edition I am reading is the translation of William Butcher with a lot of explanatory notes that are so helpful to expand the story.
Laura Vasquez
I just finished reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, it was a good read! An interesting look into the "do multiple dimensions/parallel universes exist" concept
Alisa Smelkova
@laura_vasquez95 wow, unexpected to see such books here. I've recently read Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking.
Matt Daniels
Educated by Tara Westover. Guarantee you can't put it down!
Damla Yıldırım
I read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell at the last month. There were some really teaching points in it. I recommend it!
Evan Bradshaw
@damla_yildirim1 Great read, the best follow up book for tipping point is --- Contagious: Why Things Catch On Book by Jonah Berger
Alisa Smelkova
As for myself. Last month I've read Two fonts for one revolution. It's in Russian, but it has great pictures inside.Huge inspiration for me. Just look at it:
Great idea @alisa_smelkova :) - Do The Work by Steven Pressfield. Short but very inspiring read. Talks about "The Resistance" and how to setup a better mindset and environment for being in the flow state. - The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Very useful for me as I always find myself self-sabotaging when things are going well. The book explains why we do it and how to overcome this.
Kyrylo Taranenko
@alisa_smelkova I read "Antifragile" by Nassim Taleb. It is not necessarily a product/business book, but it helps to look at things at a different angle and to better prepare for the unforeseen circumstances (which happens a lot when you develop a product).
Saddam Whosane
Thats great love this ! I finished reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, I'll recommend it to my friends to.
Laura Vasquez
@saddam_whosane1 Such a good book! I also enjoyed his Wayward Pines saga, have you read it?
Zuzana Tomková
Great idea :) I've finished reading: Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by M. Walker. I can only recommend it.
Aliaksei Kulbei
@alisa_smelkova I recently enjoyed "Walk Through Walls: A Memoir" by Marina Abramovic and Traction by Gabriel Weinberg
Hi, very nide tread. I'm reading Factfullness. It's about why society is better off than we think and how many of the problems we think exist, don't. A must read for everyone who wants to know where we really stand with the world today.
Thom Malone
While not a business/startup related book, I would say from a personal growth perspective, I just finished reading Head Strong by Dave Asprey and from a foundational aspect it's really, really amazing. I started adjusting my diet and lifestyle based on the recommendations in that book and I feel like I'm sleeping better and able to focus with a clarity of mind that I haven't been able to achieve without pharmaceutical assistance. Definitely recommend for anyone that feels like they're in a bit of a rut, or is just looking to maximize their life output.
Tim H
Atomic Habits by James Clear 📚
"These Truths" by Jill Lepore.. excellent insights into US history
Jake Tital
Flip the Script by Oren Klaff and just finished Sacred Commerce by Matthew and Terces Engelhart
Boris Rykov
Never split the difference by Chris Voss (Ex-FBI negotiator). Excellent for negotiations in both professional and personal life.
Evan Bradshaw
My January list: Start with Why-Simon Sinek , Contagious: Why Things Catch On-Jonah Berger , Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts-Annie Duke. Best read - Thinking in bets, read by the author on Audible.
Sandro Brito
I've been reading Hacking growth as a way to help my launch of my book notes app www.nuggetnotes.app and it has been great. A very different way of looking at product development but one proven to be effective.