New Invention: Robotic Car Windshield Sunshade

Sandy Dasuki
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Hi all, my name is Sandy. My start-up, Fledge Technology is developing and launching a robotic sunshade for windscreens. It is fully automatic, installs in less than 10 seconds, and so small it fits in cupholders. We are trying to make the process of protecting car interior hassle-free, automated and fast for all car owners around the world. I would love to get your feedback or constructive criticism on our product!


Hey everyone! Sandy, your robotic auto windshield sunshade sounds absolutely amazing! The fact that it is fully automatic and can be hooked up in less than 10 seconds is mind-blowing. I can already imagine the comfort it would bring to car proprietors everywhere. Car interiors are often subjected to intense warmness and sunlight, causing discomfort and manageable damage. Your invention seems like the perfect answer to this problem. The idea of having a sunshade that is not solely efficient but additionally compact enough to fit in cupholders is virtually genius. I am surprised by your invention, as properly as when Andersen Revolutionizes Car Rental with New Digital Platform for Europcar. It was awesome! Have you seen this? I'm in particular impressed by your goal of making the manner hassle-free and automated. It's clear that you have put a lot of thought into developing a product that caters to the needs of car owners worldwide. I can't wait to see how it performs in real-life scenarios. Keep up the fantastic work, Sandy! I'm positive many car enthusiasts, like myself, would be eager to furnish feedback and support your endeavor.