Where do you see the future of Social Media going?

Benjamin Vaughan
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With engagement rates on Facebook dropping and Twitter struggling to grow, social media is at an interesting junction. Will people start developing their own private social networks based on communities of interest, or will a new, different platform emerge? Let me know your thoughts in the comments :)


Software engineer
In my opinion they battle for attention is already started. The big companies have one weapon each: Facebook -> Instagram/Facebook, Google -> Youtube, Microsoft -> Linkedin. Right now Linkedin organic reach is enormous and it it what Facebook was few years back. Youtube is changing from video site to video social network, although new players like Tik Tok emerge and take the new generations (It will be interesting to see if somebody bought it - why not Apple - they are left without social network ) . The giants are migrating from Text -> Image -> Video so the new generation are adopting video and the barrier for new platform is bigger, because people are used to have text, image, video and the technical gap is larger to implement all of those features. One more thing are the laws that are emerging like GDPR in EU - that add extra complexity for new companies. PS: I think Twitter will remain at the same levels, but it is here to stay.
CEO at Disciple
@kokiweb I believe the attention economy is already dead. Hence your point about content going to video, but people having been saturated now and they will start to look for something different. I believe communities (for example based around a passion - whether that be sport, culture, hobby etc) will start to make their own social networks on platforms such as Disciple and other community focused platforms and leave the traditional giants.
Software engineer
@benjidisciple Hmm, interesting concept for Disciple i haven't saw it before. So you provide the template social network app for your customers to deploy, but have one hub (backend) that customers can view the activity of the users. Do the customers deploy the backend on their own infrastructure or on yours ? And when you make an update to the app - are they receiving updated ".apk" to deploy ? But really interesting concept for custom communities. Just curiosity what traffic can the platform support ( simultaneous user connection )