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We all know how difficult it is to build and develop a digital product. In this situation, product metrics are helpful. Product metrics matter because they lead to better product decisions. Determining the right metrics to monitor and analyze leads to more intelligent decision making throughout the product development process. I want to collect all product metrics here and divide them into correct categories. This approach may be helpful for people who want to solve a specific problem, but unfortunately do not know what indicator to start with. I will start with the basic division into business-oriented metrics & user-oriented metrics and will adjust a few product metrics to them. Business-oriented Metrics: - revenue - customer acquisition cost User-oriented Metrics: - churn rate - retention rate - conversion to registration - monthly active users - monthly unique users - pageviews / user I guess is that you guys know a lot more and you can share it with the whole Product Hunt community. PS. Maybe even more narrow categories can be used, e.g. "category: user engagement -> specific metric" Best, Karol
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