Building a database of A/B testing examples

Andrei Baloleanu
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Hey everybody, I’m currently gathering examples of A/B testing from various websites, everything will be added in an Airtable, which will be embedded in a website. The plan is to have 33% of the DB available for free, and the rest under a paid plan, something like $14.9 per year or similar. For now, I have the following information for every example: - Company/Website - Website Type (SaaS/eCommerce/Content etc.) - Website Business Type (B2B/B2C/B2B2C) - Website Industry (Web design/Development/Marketing/Automations/Finance etc.) - Specific page/URL where the A/B test was live - Variations (2/3/4) - Winner Variations (if applicable) - Date when the test was first detected (if applicable) - Date when the winner variation was live (if applicable) - Elements used in the test (Homepage banner/Checkout page/Product page/Pricing page buttons/Landing page bullets etc) - Winning logic (a couple of sentences of why we think the winning element was better than the variations) (if applicable) Please note that everything is still WIP, some of the above might be removed or we might add something new if we can. Right now, I need help with a couple of questions: - Is this something of interest? Even if you’re not willing to pay to have access to the rest of the DB, I would still be interested if you guys are interested in this or not. - Besides the information listed above, is there something else you would like to see/need? Looking forward to hearing every piece of advice you might have! Tks
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